Ecosocial Equilibrium

Ecosocial Equilibrium: The dynamic alignment of personal, societal, ecological and planetary wellbeing and health.

Ecosocial Equilibrium: Synergizing Wellbeing and Health, Vitalising Learning Ecosystems.

Ecosocial Equilibrium (EE) represents the dynamic alignment of beneficial and holistic flows of energy and information within and between the interdependent parts of a living system. It signifies the optimal state functioning, where a synergetic effect that transcends homeostasis (functioning and surviving) and has the human potential of health, thriving (taking hold) and wellbeing, flourishing (blossoming) in concert.

The equation EE = ƒ(V,B,H,C) within the context of Wellbeing and Health (W+H) serves as a heuristic formula, providing an explanatory framework for understanding the determinants of Ecosocial Equilibrium. 

This formula posits that Ecosocial Equilibrium emerges as the outcome of the cumulative interplay among Functioning (ƒ), Vitality (V), Beneficial Amplitude (B), Holistic Frequencies (H) Intra-Inter Competencies and Contextual Capabilities (C). The W+H Alignment Model is a visual representation of the equation, and the Ecosocial Equilibrium Symbol depicts looking through the lens of the Inner Development Goals and Sustainable Development Goals working in harmony.

A collaborative tool for regenerative and transformative change.

Ecosocial Equilibrium sets a guiding orientation for collaborative efforts aimed at co-creating effective contextual frameworks, models and tools for systems change. These endeavours serve to validate the proposition that through the systematic application (knowledge flows) of evidence-informed principles, practices and resources, coupled with the cultivation of continual and cumulative interplay among the interdependent parts of a living system, a synergistic effect greater than the simple sum of its parts is likely to emerge.

By emphasizing collaboration and co-creation, Ecosocial Equilibrium highlights the importance of collective action and the integration of diverse perspectives. It recognizes the significance of evidence-informed approaches to guide decision-making and the adoption of policies and practices that promote positive outcomes for both individuals and the broader ecological and social systems they inhabit.

The dynamic interplay among the interdependent parts of a living system is crucial in fostering beneficial and holistic change. It involves the harmonious alignment of Functioning, Wellbeing, Health, Conditions, and Time, with each component contributing to the overall equilibrium of a thriving and flourishing system.

Overall, Ecosocial Equilibrium not only represents an aspirational concept but also calls for practical action. By embracing collaboration, evidence-informed approaches and the recognition of interdependencies, we can advance systems change and unlock the regenerative (horizontal development) and transformative (vertical development) potential that lies within ourselves and across our interconnected world.

Ecosocial Equilibrium is an ambitious yet calculated vision that introduces Everyday Quiet Leadership, that starts with the smallest of daily things: our words, our thoughts, our actions about and for wellbeing and health of all.





    Alexandra Sokol

    Los Angeles, CA

    I have been working on several frameworks for sustainable communities &cities & economics is such a huge issue we need to solve.

    Nadia Nath-Varma


    The desire to create regenerative circular global economies . Looking for like minded people to work with.

    Ken Novak

    St. Ambrose University, Davenport, Iowa USA

    I co-investigate life with philosophy students at a Catholic university. Donut Economics integrates with business ethics.

    Irene Portelli

    Cairns, Queensland, Australia

    We are using data driven Case Studies to identify strategic solutions to creating a Circular Economy that brings everyone along.

    David Lloyd Wright 2 months ago

    Thank you Nuno for your comments. Ecosocial Equilibrium is an emerging and evolving concept that forms part of a larger of body of work, which we will release shortly under the Wellbeing + Health Collaboration through Catalyst 2030. If you would like further information please email me directly. Kind regards and thank you for caring. David

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    Nuno Ramos 2 months ago

    Interessant view that could really determine our future as society. A model to be implemented in school from the beginning... Thanks for this contribution.

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