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A living list of academic research and analysis that engages with the core concepts of Doughnut Economics

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Welcome to the DEAL Team’s curated list of academic articles and research reports that engage with the core concepts of Doughnut Economics. The list is organised by year of publication and it will be updated periodically, but it is by no means exhaustive. You can also find a PDF version at the bottom of this page.


Please do let us know of any additional source that you think we should include by posting a comment below, or by sending a message via the contact page and select 'Research & Data Analysis' from the category options.











2012 and earlier


This tool was created by Andrew Fanning, with contributions from Kate Raworth and Kapil Yadav, from DEAL. Photo credit to Jaredd Craig on Unsplash




    Ines Garcia

    Bayswater, Westminster, England, United Kingdom

    I'm interested to move from intellectual nourishment & theoretical agreement to a tangible plan of action. How can each one of us

    Iris Partridge

    Bristol, England, United Kingdom

    I feel that DE and the people around it will be great at changing the world with me. Let's do it!-

    Bruce Peters

    Rochester, New York, United States of America

    I was introduced to the concept and community by a friend and colleague. Searching.

    Pinaki Dasgupta

    New Delhi

    The creativity, the simplicity in solving complex challenges

    Tom Bedford

    Taunton, England, United Kingdom

    Masters Student at the University of Exeter, researching the application of Doughnut Economics at different scales

    Dorothy Knable (NA'bul like table) 9 months ago

    I am just getting out into my new city, NYC, having moved from CA to be near kids and grandchildren in Brooklyn. I am steeped in the Planetary Boundaries, @JRockstrom (Twitter format) and #SDGs of @JeffDSachs. Kate and I "spoke" via Twitter in 2015 after I read "Doughnut Econ.." and on and off as our lives changed. I've been a campaigner for Bernie Sanders, both campaigns and founding member of @OurRevolution. Before that, career in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling, raised two boys, and helped with MANY political issues and campaigns. Hubby and I are retired in Queens, NYC and looking to get active, here! @DorothyKnable 916-317-4417 -only about DEAL, please. Thanks for reading!

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    Maryam Lotfi 12 months ago

    Lotfi, M., Walker, H. and Rendon-Sanchez, J., 2021. Supply Chains’ Failure in Workers’ Rights with Regards to the SDG Compass: A Doughnut Theory Perspective. Sustainability, 13(22), p.12526.

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    Andrew Fanning 8 months ago

    Hi Maryam, thanks we have added your article, and congratulations!

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