A community-built sustainable finance library

Altiorem is a not for profit library and resource dedicated to supporting advocates for a sustainable financial system.


Altiorem is the world’s first community built sustainable finance library. We collect, curate, summarise and categorise the wealth of research on sustainability issues like biodiversity loss and climate change. Our mission is to support finance and other business professionals in incorporating these issues in their work and to help them make the case for more sustainable business practices. 


We work with universities, who’s students volunteer to summarise and translate often complex research for a finance and business audience. Student volunteers work with industry professionals who mentor them through to publication, ensuring each summary draws out key insights and meets our high publishing standards. 


Why use it?

There is a wealth of high quality freely available information available to support advocates in making the case for and implementing the changes need to create a sustainable financial system, however, these can be hard to find, too long or technical for people that don't have sustainability as their day job. Altiorem summarises leading research, connects it together, and makes is accessible to the finance community. Altiorem uses the doughnut economics framework to help guide our work. 

Who is it for?

Anyone interested in engaging with the financial system including; finance professionals (investment, insurance, banking) business people, regulators, students and journalists. 


How long does it take?

It's free to join and is an open access resource. 


What materials do you need?

Altiorem is community built. Our volunteers are university students and industry professionals working together to create a valuable resource for the whole industry. We welcome members of the library. Those wishing to contribute can join our community of volunteers. 


Altiorem couldn't exist without the generous support of our funders, primarily Stewart Investors, our university partners including UTS, Monash University, UNSW and Macquarie University, web developers Canvas Group, and most of all our community and team made up of more than a 100 volunteers. 







    Alex Bernat

    Louisville, Colorado, United States of America

    I seek to share tools, to meet new allies and mentors, to inspire hope, and to cultivate my work as a systemic change-maker.

    Pablo Berrutti

    Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

    Our society and its relationship with the planet is sick. The dougnut offers a way to reimagine, heal and regenerate sustainably.

    Kate Copeland-Rhodes

    Uttoxeter, England, United Kingdom

    We are currently exploring how the Doughnut Economics Model could be used to support the Staffordshire & Stoke.

    Tom Owen-Smith

    Lambeth, London Borough of Lambeth, England, United Ki...

    I’m keen to learn and share ideas on applying Doughnut Economics in my own life and for universities and higher education


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