Buy-in Bakery: Mind map

A map of the ingredients for successful buy-in within organisations

The Doughnut Economics 

# BuyInBakery hashtag_lookup:#BuyInBakery is a Community of Practice collaboratively exploring how to establish and develop internal buy-in for Doughnut Economics within different types and scales of organisations around the world.

In our July meeting we collected ideas on what we have seen generate buy-in for transformative action in the past, as a starting point for our work together.

You can download the image here, or visit (and add to!) the collaborative Miro board here.

Look out in the Events page for future Community of Practice meetings, and contact Peter at if you would like to join. All are welcome!





    Owen Griffiths


    Climate crisis, community, urgency and systems thinking.

    Simon Robinson

    Coventry UK

    Contribute where I can to development of solutions that reverse the enormity of consumption of our planets resources

    Nadia NV


    Desire to learn more about regenerative circular global economies . Looking for like minded people to work with.

    Anna-Marie Swan

    Exeter, UK

    Reading the book Doughnut Economics, I knew I wanted to anchor it deeply into my work and support it as much as I could.


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