Cultural Compass

A tool for decision makers to consider their decisions on culture.


The Cultural Compass is a tool for decision makers to consider the impact of any decision on culture. 


Why use it?

Culture is intangible - which means it can be difficult to fully understand and consider in the context of complex decisions. 

The Cultural Compass was developed originally to support Elected Municipal Officials to consider the impact of their decisions on culture, as the decisions made by municipalities often impact significantly and sometimes negatively on the creative and cultural life of residents and businesses.  

The tool presents questions for decision makers to consider the impact of decisions on values, peoples sense of connection to each other, place and nature, interaction, 'the vibe' of places and cultural resilience. 


Who is it for?

Any decision makers - particularly Elected Members/ Politicians, Municipal Leaders, Policy makers, Systems designers, Place consultants, Property developers 


How long does it take?

A few minutes - at a glance. 


How many people is it for?

For individual contemplation or teams - such as Elected Member bodies 


What materials do you need?

Ideally - one compass per participant. 


What does the facilitator need to know or be able to do? 

Basic knowledge of arts, culture and place is helpful - but the magic is in the participants engagement with the questions and the emerging discussion.  



Inspired through contributing to the Cultural Impact Guide developed by the South Australian Creative Communities Network with the support of the Local Government Association in South Australia.







    Peter Cummings

    Skipton, England, United Kingdom

    Doughnut Economics which is an inspiration challenging the suspect societal and economic nostrums of today's world

    Sigmund Wien Nordlie

    Oslo, Norge

    To solve todays problems you cannot apply yesterdays solutions. I bring new perspectives to solve unknown knowns & unknowns.

    Deborah Weinreb

    Bristol, England, United Kingdom

    A social practice artist and fan of DE I hope to highlight the power of artist involvement.

    Tom Owen-Smith

    Lambeth, London Borough of Lambeth, England, United Ki...

    I’m keen to learn and share ideas on applying Doughnut Economics in my own life and for universities and higher education

    Alice Koubová

    Praha, Česko

    Need to communicate policies, methodologie and research strategies to help implementing new paradigm for the future society.

    Stacey Pottinger

    Bath, England, United Kingdom

    I would love to connect with people locally and to see if there is a way to create some action at a local level in our communities


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