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What better way to turn the Doughnut into reality than through the law?




    Annabel Sides

    Newham, Victoria, Australia

    Wishing to use the donut to support sports to use a regnerative approach to building sustainability strategy

    Aline Marcelino

    Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands

    I want to meet like-minded people for collaboration, specially in the fields of education and Food Systems.

    Mary Desroches

    Sainte-Anne-de-la-Rochelle, Québec, Canada

    Bearing, caring, preparing, sharing ...

    Natalie Hold

    Bangor, Wales, United Kingdom

    To meet a community to learn with, share with and take action with.

    Alexandra Cook

    London, England, United Kingdom

    I'd like to bring doughnut economics into my KS3 Geography / KS5 Politics curriculum. Keen to collaborate with other educators.


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