Personal Doughnut Canvas

The foundations we need to thrive, without taking more out of the ecosystems that we are part of than we put back in

This (early) Personal Doughnut Canvas v1.2 is for getting up close and personal with what foundations we need to thrive, without taking more out of the ecosystems that we are part of than we put back in, in a reflective but also practical way; to exchange with others. Co-developed by Byng, Daniel Blyden, Emily Gambles + Rach Bromfield, building on the work of DEAL, Zoe Gilbertson, Cassie Robinson and others, so far the CIVIC SQUARE team have tested this tool out as a first prototype to bridge from the Manual of Me towards a Manual of We (a we beyond humans and far beyond our team and geographic locality - see Dark Matter Labs' The Human(e) Revolution work for more), and shared back our findings during our strategy month in January 2022, before inviting Doughnut Economics Learning Journey peers to try it out as part of their space to align, get to know each other, and set the way forward for how they will come together.

We found that keeping the central social foundations segments of the doughnut blank led to interesting explorations of what matters to us and what we personally need to show up at our best, whereas engaging with our collective resources, the limitations of these and the responsibilities that come with stewarding them needed a bit more agreement or parameter setting as groups, but the conversations being had in order to do that helped balance out and connect the multiple viewpoints, going from considering personal wellbeing in isolation or at odds with our wider purpose and work, to what it allows us to do in our communities; become the embodiment of a regenerative force of nature.

Download Personal Doughnut Canvas v1.2 as a .pdf
Copy the Personal Doughnut Canvas v1.2 Miro template

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    Monica Lobo

    Portugal, lisbon

    I am looking for inspiration and to join forces to build better future.

    Morgane BILLUART


    Hoping to learn how to apply these great ideas in a practical way

    Rosana Rezende

    São Paula, SP - Brazil

    Collaboration is essential for charting a sustainable path forward. DEAL grows our hope for a regenerative world.

    Katherine Cunningham

    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

    Worker coop start up with a DEAL toolbox feels amazing.


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