Take the Jump

Six clear, constructive, impactful and doable shifts to live a life in the Doughnut!


‘Taking The JUMP’ is to try the six shifts for 1, 3 or 6 months.

Even if you can’t keep to it 100%, you can still ‘take The JUMP’ and just do what you can. 

The team and community at Take the Jump offer tips, encouragement and people you can speak to help along the way.

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Why try it?

Our society is hooked on stuff and it’s destroying our planet. Often without even making our lives better. Another way is possible!

Our goal is a world of less stuff and more joy, where humanity is in balance with nature - through helping achieve a two-thirds reduction in the impact of consumption in rich countries by 2030.

Science shows this is what’s needed and that citizens can actually have a huge role in making it happen. 

Who is it for?

'Take the Jump' is for anyone worried about nature but are not necessarily an ‘environmentalist’. For anyone looking for constructive, practical and impactful steps we can take in our own lives.

We can take the jump on our own, as a family or friends, or even as a business or institution. There are also local JUMP community groups forming all around.

Take the Jump is a welcome place for EVERYONE; no matter heritage, gender, sexuality, lived experience, location, or political leanings. At the same time, Take the Jump is clear it is high consuming citizens and communities that must act quickest.

Take the Jump was created by a group of researchers, scientists, parents and teachers who are deeply concerned about climate change.

We're using the latest science to back this up, including scientific research by one of our co-founders. Take the Jump is genuinely grassroots and citizen-led, driven by connected volunteers, supported by the newly formed The JUMP charity.

How long does it take?

‘Taking The JUMP’ is to try the six shifts for 1, 3 or 6 months.

What materials do you need?

The team at takethejump.org offer lots of tools and support to help make Taking the Jump a transformative and positive experience! Find out more about them here takethejump.org/community-toolbox


Find out more at 👉 takethejump.org





    Monica Lobo

    Portugal, lisbon

    I am looking for inspiration and to join forces to build better future.

    Rosana Rezende

    São Paula, SP - Brazil

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