Launching DEAL’s Doughnut Design Tool for Business (Past)

Introducing the new and much anticipated Doughnut Design for Business tool

Launching DEAL’s Doughnut Design for Business tool on 7 November 

We are excited to launch DEAL’s tool for businesses to engage with Doughnut Economics. We invite you to register and join our online launch event on November 7th at 3pm CET. The tool can be found via this link..

The Doughnut Design for Business tool we are launching is focused on businesses. It is designed to support workshops run by a broad range of people and organisations - anyone able to engage a group of businesses, or an individual business in their deep design. The tool provides content and materials to run workshops that guide businesses through an ambitious journey of impact, bold ideas and business redesign. The tool comes in two forms: a core version (takes 3-5 hours) and a taster version (takes 1 hour). To develop this tool, DEAL has run 21 different pilot workshops over the past 12 months.  

We are excited to introduce it to the global community of change-makers focused on transforming business. At our online launch event of the tool on 7 November, you will get an overview of the tool and hear from change-makers and thought-leaders who have helped us create this tool: 


  • Marjorie Kelly, author and senior vice president and senior fellow at The Democracy Collaborative, whose work inspired Doughnut Economics’ approach to business transformation.  
  • Willem van Winden, Director of the Centre for Economic Transformation at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Willem and his centre co-hosted the main 6 session pilot workshop series that helped create this tool 
  • Priya Krishnamoorthy, founder and CEO of 200 Million Artisans, an impact-first, ecosystem enabler championing India’s artisan economy. 200 Million Artisans co-hosted one of the pilot workshops to develop this tool. 
  • Andrea Armeni, Executive Director of Transform Finance. Transform Finance is partnering with DEAL to engage investors and develop investment designs that can support the enterprise designs this business tool attempts to catalyse. 
  • Ljupka Mitrinovska, cofounder and program manager of Accelerate2030, a global initiative of UNDP and Impact Hub Geneva to scale internationally the impact of entrepreneurs supporting the SDGs. Accelerate2030 co-hosted a pilot workshop with DEAL.
  • Kate Raworth, cofounder of DEAL and DEAL’s conceptual lead. Kate is the author of Doughnut Economics and has been a part of the small team creating this business tool. 
  • Carlota Sanz, cofounder of DEAL and DEAL’s strategy lead. Carlota has been a part of the small team creating this business tool. 
  • Erinch Sahan, DEAL’s business and enterprise lead who lead the process of creating the tool. Erinch will provide the main overview of the tool in the session.

How to join

To join the webinar directly on Zoom, please register in advance using this link. By doing so you will be able to ask questions and post comments during the event.

You can also watch the livestream from YouTube without registration (also embedded below). If you can't join us live, a recording will be made available after the event.

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    Erinch Sahan

    Oxford, England, United Kingdom

    To build the new economy and business models together with others - with ambition and intellectual honesty.

    Julia Winslow

    Bergen, Hordaland, Norway

    I'm a PhD student researching sustainability transitions, curious about how the doughnut economy is being applied in real places.

    Claudine Perlet

    Munich, Germany

    I've been following DEAL's work for a while and am very interested to find out more about the "Doughnut Design for Business".

    Magdalena Herrador Moreno

    Barcelona / Andalucía (Spain)

    Looking forward to exchanging across the different Doughnut communities & to experimenting in Doughnut España.

    Rodolfo Pereira

    Bilbao, Euskadi, Spain

    Life is too short and the Doughnut is the way to go ;)

    Rieta Aliredjo

    Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands

    The doughnut is the goal we all can aspire to. Here is where we can help each other do that. Let's inspire and get inspired.

    Emmanuel Campos over 1 year ago

    I am sorry but I thought this should be now. So, what time will this happen?

    0 0
    Alex Pielaet over 1 year ago

    Just rewatched Erinches introduction lecture to this tool. I'm stoked for the launch! 

    0 0
    Irfan Qalamkar over 1 year ago


    1 0
    Paul Hainey over 1 year ago

    Excited !! :-)

    1 0
    Linda MacDonald Glenn over 1 year ago

    I'm excited and looking forward to attending this, even though it means getting up really earlier (on the West Coast of the US).   Ever since I read the book and have learned about importance of creating a regenerative economy, I've been waiting for this and I am so grateful -- thank you and I look forward to meeting all of you!

    0 0
    Xavier Hayeck almost 2 years ago

    Awesome! I can't wait to see what's been developed!

    2 0
    Florence Garçon almost 2 years ago

    Great. Well done. 

    2 0
    Rodolfo Pereira almost 2 years ago

    Great job. Business can be good and beautiful...It's all about "how" it's done and never forgetting "why". Looking forward. 

    2 0

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