Webinar: Brussels and Amsterdam Meet the Doughnut (Past)

Kate Raworth joins city leaders Barbara Trachte and Marieke Van Doorninck to discuss how Brussels and Amsterdam are adopting the Doughnut

Do you want to learn more about how Brussels and Amsterdam are putting the ideas of Doughnut Economics into practice?

On January 22nd at 3pm (Central European Time), DEAL's Kate Raworth will join Barbara Trachte - State Secretary of the Brussels Capital Region - and Marieke Van Doorninck - alderwoman in Amsterdam for Sustainability and Spatial Planning - to discuss how their respective cities are leading the way in adopting the Doughnut at the city level.

Click here for details on how you can register for this free online webinar. 

If you cannot join live, the webinar will also be recorded and made available afterwards.




    Jaap van den Langenberg

    Nijmegen, Gelderland, Nederland

    I'm looking for a contact/information how to put the Donut in practice and make it applicable for the Province of Gelderland.

    Tobias Mangelmann

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Generalist consulting background with good understanding of sustainable land-use, renewable energy and circular waste management

    Daphne Fecheyr

    Ghent, Vlaanderen, Belgium

    Looking for opportunities to apply Doughnut economics philosophy into real-life projects

    Martin Haustermann

    Köln, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Deutschland

    I am interested in understanding how the Donut-Economy can be integrated further into companies and into our daily lifes

    Veronica Dahl

    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

    I embedded the Doughnut model at my 2019 CodeMesh Keynote Speech, & have a computational platform project for it.

    Carlo Giardinetti

    Blonay, Vaud, Switzerland

    If you ask what my purpose is, I will answer that I want to become the best FOR the world and FOR the future generations.

    Marian Alejandra Rodríguez

    Ámsterdam, Noord-Holland, Países Bajos

    I am interested in learning from this wonderful model to promote it in Latin America. I also want to make contributions to it.

    Mike Dixon

    Brighton, England, United Kingdom

    We create a sustainable society and economy both here in the UK and globally. .


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