Hosting a DE Movement Lab at a climate festival

How the Irish Doughnut Economics Network introduced the ideas of Doughnut Economics with movement and personal stories

Who we are

We are the Irish Doughnut Economics Network (IDEN), formed in September 2020 - the week after the launch of the DEAL platform!

IDEN’s mission is to:

  • learn and share knowledge about transformative action through the model of Doughnut Economics
  • explore a healthy discourse and hear different voices around new ideas for 21st-century economics
  • connect with each other through the Doughnut Economics Action Lab (DEAL) code of conduct and principle of practice
  • support ourselves and each other around the aim of meeting the needs of all people
  • within the means of the living planet
  • bring the doughnut local in an Irish context towns, villages, cities, place of work, play or to an organisation learning how they might do that.

A possibility arises

When the Irish Museum of Modern Art announced their Earth Rising climate festival at we saw the opportunity to bring movement, play and curiosity to the festival through a Movement Lab designed for the public to explore how we might live in a safe just space for humanity within the planetary boundaries.

We collaborated with Rob Shorter from DEAL who was excited to explore new workshop ideas with the Four Lenses of Doughnut Unrolled.

Roisin and Rob finding the 'IDEN' location for a photo at the festival

What we did

We held several Step into the Doughnut sessions and a workshop on Sparking Connections and the Floor Lenses. And we had lots of conversations with festival attendees and those who came to the workshops.

Watch a summary of the weekend of activities here:

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Photos from the Floor Lenses workshop, where we start by Sparking Connections, then we move into the Four Lenses, then we explore the interconnections across the lenses and what that means for us, our communities and Ireland.

a very happy and tired(!) crew from Kerry, West Cork, Wexford & Wicklow

What we learned

Two big take-aways

  • When we explore ideas through movement, interaction and personal stories, our capacity to engage in their implications increases so much

  • What gives people hope…? Community and connection and amplifying the change that’s possible





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