Amsterdam Donut Deal Day!

A city-wide festival of people, groups, organisations and the municipality making Donut Deals for collaborative action

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Who we are

The Amsterdam Donut Coalition is a network of change agents and it is wonderful to see how the network comes together this year on the 18th October 2022, for the first ever Donut Deal Day!

The Donut Deal Day is a collaboration of many doughnut pioneers who came together create a very beautiful day. During the day there were no less than 13 deal sessions at 7 different locations. Each of these sessions had its own network of partners behind it. And together we all brought Amsterdam a little closer to the donut. 

13 Donut-Deal sessions took place across the city - sessions in which initiators and partners, dreamers and doers made agreements as ‘Donut Deals’ - concrete agreements towards a city with a safe ecological ceiling and a fair social basis – a city in the doughnut.

In the evening everyone came together for the Donut Deal celebration event where Donut Pioniers pitched their deal of the day to the public in the main hall of Pakhuis de Zwijger.

We also heard from Kate Raworth, and councillors Imane Nadif and Lian Heinhuis as they explored where do we want to go as Amsterdam and how can we turn those ambitions into practical actions?

A day of deals

During the day, many sessions took place throughout the city.

Donut Deals in the community

In New-West, the Donut Bakery looked at tackling waste. The theme 'waste' leads to frustrations for some residents and entrepreneurs, but can also lead to great opportunities and 'Donut projects'. Giving residents and entrepreneurs a voice in waste projects can lead to more connectedness, creativity and quality of life. In addition, separating waste or turning waste back into raw materials can lead to cost savings and a reduction in CO2 emissions. The session was inspired by the Donut economy and was brought to life with concrete case studies around Sierplein, Plein 40-45, Sloten and more!

At the Green Hub, the morning started with a delicious cup of coffee and donuts. After a warm welcome, Kate Raworth, Ruurd Priester and Anne Stijkel spoke about their hopes and expectations for the day. Kate's key insight:

“It's no longer just the central main stages, we're now getting into the neighbourhoods where it's happening and we're meeting the people who actually do it.”

When business meets the Doughnut

At the AUAS, the Centre of Economic Transformation (CET) and YesAndMore, there was a session for entrepreneurs and administrators who want to explore doughnut economics.

CET and DEAL were collaborators in the Doughnut Design for Business tool that was launched in the weeks shortly after the Donut Deal Day, and this session was for companies to give them a first preview. 

What does the Donut ask of the deep design of companies? YesAndMore asked what role multiple value creation can play in making markets in the region 'fit for purpose'. How can markets transform to facilitate social and environmental developments?

Doughnuts and education

Donut deals were also made on the Marineterrein on the subject of education and research, where Rob Shorter of Doughnut Economics Action Lab (DEAL) ran a workshop to spark connections across the four lenses of the Doughnut, to explore what role education can play in getting Amsterdam in the Donut?

And together with Kate Raworth, the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten discussed the definition of social earning capacity in Knowledge and Innovation Agenda MV. How can Donut Economy be used as a framework for that definition? And how can this framework help you as a researcher?

A day of energy and action

The Donut Deal Day was a day full of energy, but also a day of action and perseverance. We really put the day together as a coalition and we are stronger together than ever. Not only that, we have also grown beyond the center with active centers in south-east and new-west where strong and concrete sessions took place with the local residents. And something very clear came up there. We love Amsterdam and we want to make it more beautiful, for us and for the rest of the world. 

Here we share with you the result of this beautiful day; a report full of donut deals! In this Donut Deal Day Document we show what happened, we offer opportunities to participate and we record what has been agreed so that we can look back on it in a year's time.

We hope to have given you a taste of the great atmosphere of that day at all locations throughout the city. Even the people who were there couldn't be everywhere!

With more than 400 registrations, the day was a great success, but it doesn't stop there! Do you also want to roll up your sleeves to make Amsterdam a bit more beautiful? Then join the Amsterdam Donut Coalition and contact the project leaders or start your own project.

Visit our DEAL platform page here.




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    Building sustainability transitions, by downscaling the doughnut with new methodological tools and implementation projects.


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