Good News Stories of Milton Keynes Spring 2024

Good News of Milton Keynes was so well received, that we have gathered a more stories.

MK Doughnut Economics Group has published a second edition of good news stories we have gathered from across Milton Keynes about how local people are helping to create a sustainable city where everyone thrives. This edition is only available online.

The stories in this issue have a focus on reducing Waste, on Food or Community. Other connections that the Group see between the stories and the Doughnut - Connectivity, Culture, Education, Health and Social Equity - are highlighted in green (see below) . We ask readers to consider what other connections they would highlight on the Doughnut.

Milton Keynes' adapted Doughnut showing the themes of the stories

We have taken time to ensure that this edition adheres to accessibility guidelines as far as we can. We are volunteers, who are learning as we go and we welcome your feedback on anything we can improve future editions - email us at

In case people didn't see the first edition, we combined the two files which can both be found on the flipboard here.

Happy Reading! 





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