How Nanaimo is Engaging with the Doughnut

Presentations by Nanaimo City Councillor Ben Geselbracht and Kate Raworth

The City of Nanaimo was inspired by Amsterdam and voted to officially adopt the Doughnut as a tool for reimagining the future of the city. In this hour-long webinar Kate Raworth presents DEAL's framework for any city or region that aims to live within the Doughnut, and is followed by Nanaimo City Councillor Ben Geselbracht who discusses Nanaimo's context, the city council's motivation to engage with and adapt the Doughnut, and their current plans and approach for putting it into practice in the city.

The webinar was hosted by the Parkland Institute in Alberta, Canada, in November 2021.

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    Marti Roach

    Moraga, California, United States of America

    I want to connect with others in Contra Costa County and the SF Bay Area in particular, to stir up some action!

    John Adams

    Salt Lake City, Utah, United States of America

    I am hoping to find DEAL members in the United States to collaborate with in support of my efforts to change to growth paradigm.

    Greg Hart

    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    A designer, investor, educator, and community member who is building a future-fit world full of future-fit people.

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    Jovita Rodrigues over 2 years ago

    Thank you. it was most informative, especially the practical advice and experience of implementing Doughnut Economics within a community. I learned that there are resources to teach students and people about Doughnut Economics, I was struggling with that in my community. i feel encouraged to take this forward.

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