London Doughnut Economy Coalition - Meeting Three

A summary of the third meeting of the London Doughnut Economy Coalition - Exploring London’s indicators and partners.

17 people joined the meeting held on 10/12/2020. We started off by placing a stamp on the Journey of Knowledge Map to indicate how much we think we know about the Doughnut Economy. 

We continued onto Mural to Explore London’s indicators and partners. For Part A of the activity, we individually stated the indicators we would use specifically on a London Doughnut.

For Part B of the exercise, we split into groups between 7 break out rooms. We had to identify partners that should have a say on these indicators of the 7 different groupings; Land, Water, Air, Means – Substance, Services, Equality + Rights and Opportunity. For a fair and successful London doughnut, more diversity is needed. The aim of this exercise was to brainstorm who we think would be helpful and important to consult and talk to regarding these indicators and metrics.
Once we completed this exercise, we regathered in the main room so the groups could present their thoughts and ideas to each other. 
Mural is engaging, and easy to use. It was suitable for the brainstorming exercise as it is a great visual tool. Splitting into small groups on Zoom for Part B encouraged in depth and meaningful discussion.

Screenshot of the Mural Board
Following the last meeting, the “what” group decided to form a vision for London and the values that would guide it. Visions like, “London being the most empathetic city and a city that contributes positively to climate breakdown” were produced. And the groups thinking stretched around social and environmental backgrounds. The framework of London doughnuts vision and values will be tried out next week with the goals that they have. They mentioned that they could have been more diverse as a group, and it would have been helpful to have a top-down view, to represent associations in London. Or it would have been suitable to find a group to share their visions with. It was suggested that we should have an installation of a doughnut set up in London so people can interact with it. This would allow us to be as diverse and inclusive as we can be. 

Update from the “how” group

The how group had answered questions like, “What do you love to see? What would a positive step be for you?”. Minutes and a summary had been taken and recorded from that conversation. It is important to find a way to model and see the change. Also find ways people can contribute towards the London Doughnut. The starting point is to get a predictable rhythm going for monthly meetings and plan around them. The doughnut installation could be a great idea. It would be an opportunity for people in London to get together, share and find ideas. A structure would be helpful to come to some conclusions for a wide range of groups, and to explore and think about the potential stakeholders. An ideal structure should give guidance but will not restrict any progress. 

Jemma will host the next London coalition meeting for the end of January and a meeting will be held next week Tuesday with Andrew fanning.




    Kathy Gibbs

    London, England, United Kingdom & Barbados

    Several years ago I also asked the question: "Why (knowing what we know) is there (still) an obsession with endless growth?"

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    Steph Auberval over 3 years ago

    Exciting! Is it possible to join the next Zoom meeting/s? Keen to contribute in any way, shape or form ...although when it comes to 'shape', circular has the advantage – goes without saying ;-)

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