NHS North West: #Remasked plastics case study

Recycling facemasks, medicine pots and inhaler mouthpieces into products using decentralised cradle-to-cradle clusters

This webinar explains the experience of pharmacies participating in the #Remasked campaign. A small innovation trial that intercepted much of the recycled pharmacy plastic normally disposed of in general waste, and turned it into products for use by the community.

The #Remasked project funded by NHS North West delivered this through Circularity-as-a-Service to primary and integrated care. Helping the NHS to reach its Net Zero goals in accordance with its Green Plan.

Automedi was selected as a flagship project to recycle various forms of plastic waste captured from Trafford CCG and turn them into various types of product through its microrecycling facilities and 3D print vending machines. 

This webinar would be of interest to the DEAL community as a practical example of distributed Doughnut Economics in action. Particularly those working in healthcare in light of the NHS Net Zero Agenda and Integrated Care Systems. 

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About Automedi, Stockport

Automedi is a Circularity-as-a-Service provider that combines all of the elements of a circular economy under one roof. Eradicating all ling distance transportation and delivering a cradle-to-cradle service within the buildings and organisations that have waste disposal needs. Turning that waste into filament then used within an associated distributed additive vending fleet  to make products, parts and spares on-demand at the touch of a button. 





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