Paint a Viaduct

To transform a grey, dirty underpass into a neighbourhood art piece with creative workshops an 'paint along' days.

In our neighbourhood a dark, grey and unkept underpass was felt as unsafe so we wanted to change it into a work of art but not by having it painted but by giving the people from the neighbourhood a voice and giving them an opportunity to help paint.
So we organised several creative workshops where we asked kids and grown ups what they thought a neighborhood should be, what makes them happen, what colours and symbols they liked and with that input, an artist make a sketch like a 'paint by numbers' version. 43 people participated in these workshops.
We then organised days where people could come along an help paint. This turned out a huge succes because when do you ever get a chance like this and people cycling by got off and lend a hand, young and old were painting side by side, neighbours got talking together, it was a great event.
85 people showed up to paint and have fun.
We then organised a party for the neighborhood to show off our artwork. Nearly a 100 people came, had food, and toasted to the result.





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