Renegade Neighbourhood Economists Wanted

Exploring Doughnut Economics in the round as peers.

What does it mean for neighbours to take the ideas of Doughnut Economics off the page and into transformative action at the scale of the household, street and neighbourhood?

This question has been at the heart of our enquiry at CIVIC SQUARE in Birmingham ever since one of our co - founders introduced the book to our community back in 2018 (read more about this here), and we have utterly inspired and motivated to put this in practice in the everyday, in our neighbourhood ever since. Now, we would love to learn, share, make and craft with others interested in the scale of organising and practice.

As part of the wider Neighbourhood Doughnut movement and enquiry here in Birmingham, we are very excited to be working together with Enrol Yourself and Doughnut Economics Action Lab to take the incredible radical ideas of Doughnut Economics off the page and turn them into transformative action in neighbourhoods across the UK. Together we will be sharing our collective learnings, practice, inspiration, ideas and tools for how we craft new economic possibilities that are regenerative and distributive by design in the commons to bring deep dive, peer-to-peer learning journeys to life together, starting in February 2022. 

Peer to Peer Learning Journey

We believe, alongside our many partners and peers, that learning together, working out loud, and sharing in the commons are some of the building blocks of unlocking collective possibilities, reimagining our big systems, and spreading this in distributive and regenerative ways, and this is the approach that we are taking together.

This is an open invitation to any budding renegade economists interested in a peer-to-peer learning journey, going deeper into the ideas of Doughnut Economics at the scale of the household, street and neighbourhood. In partnership with Enrol Yourself, and with the global commons that Doughnut Economics Action Lab are nurturing, over the next few weeks we will be recruiting for participants for peer to peer learning journeys across the UK and Ireland. 

This is a call for participants from across Ladywood, Birmingham, UK and Ireland. Find out more here




    Steph Auberval

    Waltham Forest, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

    “Be the change you want to see” is what brought me here.

    Richard James MacCowan

    I love to explore fresh ideas and concepts and ever curious about the environment around us.


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