TEDx Talk about the Doughnut in Amsterdam

Why we need to go on a journey of re-connection

To be human is to be connected. We are social species. We evolved in communities and in dialogue with nature and people around us. But in this globalised society, trapped in an economic system that is based on endless economic growth, we are made to feel cut off and alone. We have become totally dis-connected.

In this TEDx talk I am sharing a personal story about my relationship with my father and draw a parallel to the relationship we as society have with our current economic system. I am pledging that in order to heal the planet, we need to heal ourselves. I am taking you on a journey from dis-connection to re-connection and use the doughnut economy as an example to find my way back to live in balance. By localising, by bringing the economy home, we restore our connections. Amsterdam is the first city in the world that has officially embraced the doughnut economy on a city level. As the co-founder and community manager of the Amsterdam Doughnut Coalition (a local, grassroots doughnut action network), I am giving illustrative examples on how the doughnut economy can be put into transformative action on a local level. Both distributive and regenerative by design, a doughnut economy enables communities to transition from harmful, extractive industries into an environmentally sustainable and just future. I am putting focus on the power of community- and movement-making and underline the ripple effects that are already under way in other cities around the world. Finally, I am addressing the big elephant in the room – the individual disconnection and give 3 suggestions to embark on this journey of re-connection.

You can watch the TEDx talk here.

This talk was presented to a local audience at TEDxWageningenUniversity, an independent event.




    Paco Briseño

    Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain

    We need to work together in a systemic way to build a better future: more inclusive and fair. A mindset shift is needed.

    Marti Roach

    Moraga, California, United States of America

    I want to connect with others in Contra Costa County and the SF Bay Area in particular, to stir up some action!

    Naomi Thellier De Poncheville

    Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands

    The excitement to meet like-minded people, the hope to share ideas, the aspiration to create new possibilities.

    Michel Sauvain

    Lima, Pérou

    Integrate in a sustainable world economy the respect of our mother earth and the social rights of the underprivileged

    Désiré Leijs

    Abcoude, Utrecht, The Netherlands

    I'm very interested in helping communities, organizations and companies alligning their work more according to Doughnut principles

    Jack England over 2 years ago

    Really interesting talk, thank you!

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    Thais Martins Domingues over 2 years ago

    I thought it was amazing how the speaker connected her personal story - and added a layer of individual trajectory relating it to the overall doughnut economic standpoint of development.

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    Jennifer Drouin over 2 years ago

    Thank you so much for your comment Thais, means a lot to me!

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