Virtual Cuppa Ireland

1st virtual cuppa about Doughnut Economics in an Irish context

It started with saying hi to Sarah, I thought it would good for us to have a cuppa and connect. But before I got to set up the zoom I saw others joining. It occured to me we have an open call so we could all meet. Sarah thought it was a good plan too, and so here we are with the first virtual cuppa over.
The virtual coffee intention was - lets see who shows up, meet each other and take it from there.

I'm an experienced facilitator, I knew the group size would be managable + creating trust would be important. I totally underestimated the outreach, connect share - made more complex by not sharing the zoom details in the event, this was to do with funneling people here rather than on other social media channels. My apologies to anyone who did not manage to get the  zoom details on time to join.

It has been great to witness people express an interest in joining the call, those who could join, those that could n't join expressing an interest in future session plus the outcome from Friday. Ireland has kicked off its Doughnut Economics with representation from West Cork, Wicklow, Wexford, Dublin, Meath, Roscommon and Mayo locations indicated on the map.

The intention I set for the space - open, friendly, welcoming, follow the energy, its our space, hold it lightly.

What we did:
Opened the space a few minutes early, smiled & greeted everyone who joined in a friendly manner and used their name, requested videos on.
Gave a 10 minute soft space for everyone to join. Tried to do a social media sweep to see if anyone was looking for details of the zoom call.
Invited everyone to use the chat to share how others could get in touch with them. 
Invited everyone to Rename themselves to name/location so we could see where people were.
Mentioned about keeping introductions short.
Everyone got to introduce themselves and say what had brought them to the virtual coffee.
Things that were mentioned and woth noting here SDGs, Pivot Projects, environmental nature network, perma culture, systems thinking, climate action, biodiversity, imagination sundial, young peoples voices and involvement, environmental science, waste management,  inviting people into the space that don't nomally have acess to digital; David McWillams podcast, just and healthy society, fresh thinking we are stuck in linear, design-led, Friday for the future actions, equity at work.

After that the floor was open for discussion, I invite people to unmute themselves:
  • translating DEAL into local action
  • policy at national level
  • Amsterdam Doughnut Coalition

Then I asked them to map their knowledge of Doughnut Economics on the screen using their fingers across the digital screen - if Kate was on the right where would they be. Most of us were begining on our knowledge journey so we on the left, three peoplewer central having more advanced understanding and knowledge which was great.

There was some further discussion about getting Doughnut Economics on David McWilliams podcast or introduce it more generally with journalists and influencers bringing it to the general poplulations attention.

With 8 minutes to go I asked participants to reflect on two questions from a generative perspective - what am I here to give, what am I here to get. Giving 1 timed minute for each question before doing a chat cascade. This is what was shared:

What I am here to give
  • Analyse and and share 
  • Skills, connection, energy
  • An understanding of human impact on environment 
  • knowledge and commitment and to create awareness with others
  • 6 months studying environmental economics, esp. Donut. Access to 200 members of Pivot Projects volunteer experts  
  • Encouragement, friendship, my skills in UX and Transition Design & systems thinking
  • I'd like to combine local action with national policy influencing
  • Here to spread the word about DE. My passion for change.
  • energy and creativity
  • Analyse and share information re practical implementation of Donut economics in Ireland/locally
  • My understanding and knowledge and interest in policy and SDGs

What will I get?
  • A future worth living into
  • a role in articulating what the solutions could be and making them happen
  • A community of interested and knowledgeable people; greater understanding and awareness; ways to proceed
  • knowledge, ideas and opportunities to collaborate 
  • A national narrative, critical mass. Public awareness and public pressure on the government to take the donut seriously. a growing cohesive voice for positive change. A great future for Ireland and our children
  • Connections and other peoples wisdom and knowledge
  • Connection with likeminded people, inspiration and encouragement, gain knowledge from people from other disciplines
  • knowledge, meeting new people, personal growth, a change for the better
  • I'd like to learn more about what's working for other people in their communities, both locally and nationally. The links and ideas that people have shared already here are great.
  • Connections and information that can be used locally also for regional/European policymakers that we are in contact with 
  • I'd like to understand the communication tools that are available to us

In closing - I asked would anyone else want to add anything? What is our next action?
There was a rapid discussion on a strategy to get ourselves organised, getting more familar with Doughnut Economics, Friday for the Future actions as virtual coffee, establishing a weekly call if we can make it great otherwise no problem.

I've agreed to establish weekly virtual coffee for the emerging Doughnut Econmics Action Lab community in Ireland.

What I learned:

FAQ's are important to read. That if you jump in early with out reading all the TOCs, Principles and community guides that well you break something and then you get a very nice message from Rob "Our reasoning is in our 5th FAQ on local groups... Any Qs, just let me know. Thanks! Rob"
Have you meet Rob here or on Twitter, go follow him try to meet him without breaking anything.

If your facilitating the session ask others to take notes, write the story and screenshot the call.




    Gerard Corcoran

    Dún Laoghaire, Leinster, Ireland

    Fan of 15 minute city and doughnut economics.

    Sydney Nolan

    Dublin, Leinster, Ireland

    First introduced to DEAL through current studies as a Trinity College Dublin MBA student; determined to get my degree and do good!

    Jade Berman

    Hillsborough, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

    I have read the book and seen the Ted talk... I have been putting out feelers in the north...

    Kareen Urrutia

    Auckland, New Zealand

    I want to learn from others, whilst also sharing my knowledge and experience on sustainability.

    James O'Donovan over 3 years ago

    Hi I am looking for the zoom details for the next Irish Virtual cuppa

    0 0
    Gavin Melles over 3 years ago

    Happy to help coordinate Doughnut Economics group in Australia 1. read the book and understand; 2. explore the action possibilities; 3. report on initiatives; 4. get support.. Cheers

    0 0
    Celine Horner over 3 years ago

    Hello does anyone have the zoom meeting login details???

    0 1
    Lauren Guillery over 3 years ago

    No i'm super confused as to where to find it :(

    0 0
    Aubrey O'Neill over 3 years ago

    Hi - Was this one recorded by any chance? Unfortunately discovered this one too late to join but would to hear the conversation. Based in Wicklow FYI!

    0 1
    Lauren Guillery over 3 years ago

    Hi Aubrey, i don't think the meeting was recorded but the above minutes are as good as it's going to get. We're meeting again tomorrow at 11am. The plan is to meet weekly at that time.
    The zoom link hasn't been sent but it would be great to have you there - hopefully Roisin will see this and will send you the link

    0 1
    Aubrey O'Neill over 3 years ago

    Oh no, I've missed this again, I need to set up some notifications for the forum to stay connected. Apologies will try and attend the next one!

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    Lauren Guillery over 3 years ago

    I'm struggling to find this story again, is there any way of pinning stories to our own profile?

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    Lauren Guillery over 3 years ago

    Thanks for that Roisin.
    I really enjoyed meeting like-minded people and hope we can move this along. As a beginner my first step this week was to order the book and listen to some Kate Raworth and David McWilliams podcasts.
    Reading through the principles and FAQ's has also been helpful so thank you!
    I look forward to our next coffee morning.
    By the way, i took a screenshot of the call if it is needed.

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    Caroline Corrigan over 3 years ago

    Reading Kate's book - book club? take a chapter each? What's the best way to harness the information from the book?

    0 1
    Lauren Guillery over 3 years ago

    yes i thought that suggestion was a great idea. We could read a chapter a week and discuss it at the next coffee morning?

    0 1
    Rob Shorter over 3 years ago

    Hi Lauren and Caroline, there's a group in Brazil that's just finished an 8 week study group going chapter by chapter through the book. They're in the process of writing up how it went so others can try it out, so maybe look out for that? There are also some prompt questions we've put for each of the Seven Ways (that align with the chapters in the book) in the tool 'Get Animated! Introducing the Seven Ways' that might be good for a book club...

    0 1
    Lauren Guillery over 3 years ago

    Great Rob, thanks for that. My book arrived today!

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