The Doughnut-Economy on the Map of tomorrow

A crowd-mapping platform for a geographical overview of the doughnut economy movement:
The map is widely used to map transition and sustainable Organisations in German speaking countries.
The map offers a rating-function based on the doughnut economy. User are asked about:

1. Planet: 
  • Diversity: Ecological diversity, organic certifications, few chemical additives etc. 
  • Renewability: Environmental protection, short transport routes, efficient/ low use of resources and energy, circular economy etc. 
2. People:
  • Fairness: Safe, inclusive, fair and appropriate working conditions throughout the entire value chain. 
  • Humanity: Do all participants have room for their own ideas, personal development and cultural diversity? Are there rights to participate and democratic processes? 
3. Economy
  • Solidarity: Cooperative working, sustainable and ethical financing and investments, in consideration of all consumer budgets, etc. 
  • Transparency: Are production, financing and retail-chains publicly comprehensible? 
Rating-System, based on the Doughnut Economy: Bio-Diversity and Renewability (ecological boundaries), Fairness and Humanity (social limits), Solidarity and Transparency (Economical aspects)
Find out more about the rating:

Why use it?

- Get an overview, where people are connected to the doughnut-idea
- Find examples and contact details to learn from each other
- We are creating a contact list together for further actions
- Use it to rank your local businesses how good they are in the doughnut-Economy

Who is it for?

- Journalists can see the outreach of the idea and find the next project to interview an example
- facilitators and teachers find concrete examples to share
- policymakers can find prove of concepts and will become visible with their town, when they are using it
- entrepreneurs and consultants find partners

How long does it take?

- 3 min. to map yourself
- 5 min. to embed this map on your webpage as an iframe. Here is the code: 
<div style="text-align: center;"> 
<iframe style="display: inline-block; border: none" src=",-2.944&zoom=5.00&search=%23doughnut-economics&dropdowns=Economy
" width="100%" height="580"> 
<a href=",-2.944&zoom=5.00&search=%23doughnut-economics&dropdowns=Economy" target="_blank">zur karte</a>
</iframe></div> <p style="text-align: right;">
<a href=",-2.944&zoom=5.00&search=%23doughnut-economics&dropdowns=Economy" 
target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener" aria-label=" (öffnet in neuem Tab)">
Große Karte öffnen</a></p>

What materials do you need?

- Just visit: 
- Brows and search or add your project to the map
- No login needed!


- Map of Doughnut-Economy:
- More about Map of Tomorrow: 
- Further Information contact

Who's using this tool?

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