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The website combines all the other five methods that were created within the project "The Donut Economy" by NELA. Next Economy Lab e.V. and aims to bring the vision of a good life without environmental pollution to the centre of civil society and the community. In the future, the website will also be used to present other donut projects and to provide more information material on the donut economy. Since such a platform does not yet exist for German-speaking countries, it will bring the donut model more public attention.




    Jonas Bothe

    Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Deutschland

    Within NELA.Next Economy Lab we develop tools for NGOs and stakeholders within civil society to apply the Doughnut to their needs

    Michael von Kutzschenbach

    FHNW, Basel (Switzerland)

    I would like to learn more about how to teach and use the Doughnut Economics concept

    Katy Shields

    Vienna, Wien, Austria

    I'm primarily looking to share ideas and inspiration with other community leaders and activists.

    Gisèle Legionnet-Klees


    How can we bring together education and technology to change from extractive to regenerative? This community may find answers


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