Interactive Donut tool for municipalities

How sustainable is your municipality? (German)


An interactive, online tool capable of creating a quick snapshot of ecological and social indicators for your municipality. The tool and related documentation are in German, but you can use tools such as Google Translate to view in other languages.

An example Donut created using the tool





    CTC CTC42


    We are interested in working with the Donut in French for a participatory metropolitan project in France.

    Janthe Albers

    Lund, Sweden

    I am researching sustainability transitions and the implementation of doughnut economics in Amsterdam. All support is welcome!

    Torben Kulasingam


    Working as civil engineer within sustainable building - and urban design, and passionate about the ideas of Doughtnut Economy

    Robert Austin

    Lafayette, Indiana

    My readings of Ivan Illich, Fritz, Schumacher, Leopold Korr, and most recently, Julia Steinberger, have brought me here.

    Lois Milward 9 months ago

    Great tool! Is anyone able to adapt this tool into English?

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    Rachel Lyn Rumson 10 months ago

    Hello! I am interested in working with this tool in English for a participatory municipal project in rural Maine, USA but I need adjustments. Translator worked great. What is the interface built on?  

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    Jaime Short 11 months ago

    This tool is so cool!

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    Marcos Castro about 1 year ago

    Great job. I would love to be able to adapt it to the municipalities in Spain.

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