A Quick Introduction to the Doughnut

Introducing the Doughnut and its application in Amsterdam

Version 1.0 (June 2020)



This 6 minute video introduces the Doughnut and its application in Amsterdam.

For a full introduction to the Doughnut and Doughnut Economics, visit About Doughnut Economics. For more information on what's happening in Amsterdam and Costa Rica, visit the stories about the Amsterdam City Portrait, How we built the Amsterdam Doughnut Coalition and Regenerate Costa Rica.

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Created by the BBC
Video by Fernando Teixeira & Izabela Cardoso
Executive Producer: Camelia Sadeghzadeh




    Sandra Matecki

    Luxembourg (Luxembourg) & Trier (Germany)

    I am looking to connect, exchange and collaborate. And offer my experience of living and volunteering in different countries

    Mark Phillips

    Buckinghamshire, England, United Kingdom

    Emphasising Repair and reuse as part of sustainable economy.

    Milon Gupta

    Neckargemünd, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland

    Let's engage in holistic thinking for concrete action to reach sustainable development. Looking forward to share and get inspired.

    David Brühlmeier

    Düdingen, Fribourg/Freiburg, Schweiz

    Building bridges for a more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

    Michael O Brien

    Nenagh, Munster, Ireland

    We need a billion climate activists. We need to connect and organise as quicky as possible.


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