Beneficial Actualisation

Simply, Beneficial Actualisation is about and for being, doing and knowing wellbeing and vitality for all.

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Beneficial Actualisation and Quiet-Everyday Leadership: Activating the Doughnut at a local and personal-level.

Dear DEAL members,
Beneficial Actualisation  can be viewed as a theory, model and framework with details @ 

For this DEAL section we set out a series of questions in hope of prompting further activity and connectedness within the group and to help me explore and use two new concepts of wellbeing science, Beneficial Actualisation and Quiet-Everyday Leadership to activate the Doughnut at a local or personal-level.

Here’s the first question:

What process, strategy or tipping point do we need to activate the Doughnut at a local-level or even at a personal-level?

If we use a paradigm or potential goal of Regen Melbourne (Melbourne Doughnut), say: A safe and just space for humanity where our regenerative and distributive wellbeing economy enables a network of communities and natural systems to thrive, or the safe and just spaces for all (self, others and nature) to thrive or similar, then what is / are the collective action, the safe and just seeds (the smallest of daily things) that we could co-create that would generate a systems-wide ripple effect for positive change?  

Emerging concepts framed around Wellbeing and vitality for all that we have been exploring with UN Youth and the WHO Health and Wellbeing Hub, could be an interesting or alternate starting point to uncover a systems’ leverage point that considers the six conditions of systems change concurrently.

The concepts we are exploring are about the alignment of our Being, Doing and Knowing, Beneficial Actualisation and its possible enabler Quiet-Everyday Leadership.

Quiet-Everyday Leadership is the smallest of daily things: our thoughts, our actions and our language about and for wellbeing and vitality for all. (Note: adapted from Julian Stood’s Quiet Leadership and Benefit Mindset’s Everyday Leadership)


If we then apply Quiet-Everyday Leadership to the paradigm or potential goal of our local Doughnut “the safe and just spaces for all to thrive” then what are:


The smallest of your daily thoughts for the safe and just spaces for all to thrive? (insert answer)

The smallest of your daily actions for the safe and just spaces for all to thrive? (insert answer)

The smallest of your daily language for the safe and just spaces for all to thrive? (insert answer)

As always, your feedback, comments and contributions are warmly welcomed.

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    Ken Novak

    St. Ambrose University, Davenport, Iowa USA

    I co-investigate life with philosophy students at a Catholic university. Donut Economics integrates with business ethics.

    Deborah Weinreb

    Bristol, England, United Kingdom

    A social practice artist and fan of DE I hope to highlight the power of artist involvement.

    Tom Owen-Smith

    Lambeth, London Borough of Lambeth, England, United Ki...

    I’m keen to learn and share ideas on applying Doughnut Economics in my own life and for universities and higher education

    Samuel Emilio Melo

    São Paulo, Brasil

    A hope to find solution to this messiness world

    My Hidden Cornwall Network Portal :DIGITAL CLIMATE ACADEMY

    Fore Street ChaceWater, Truro, Cornwall TR4 8PT

    ᔕᑌᔕTAIᑎᗩBᒪE ≋ ᗪIGITALᑎᗩTIOᑎ ≋ CIRCULAR, PLANET ᖇE-ᗪEᔕIGᑎ ≋ON PURPOSE ≋IᑎᑎOᐯᗩTIOᑎ≋& IᗪEᗩ EᑎTᖇEᑭᖇEᑎEᑌRᔕhip ≋ᑕᖇEᗩTE≋-≋ᒪEGᗩᑕY≋-≋ᐯIᔕᑌᗩᒪ

    John Nugent

    Wilmslow, England, United Kingdom

    I think Doughnut economics and Wellbeing will play in integral part in a more holistic vision for our communities and the planet.

    Vivek Meshram

    Nagpur, Maharashtra, India

    To network with like minded people and to know emerging models of economics to bring about sustainable social change.

    David Lloyd Wright over 1 year ago

    We have added an article to support and advance Beneficial Actualisation, 

    As always, we warmly welcome any feedback, comments or contributions.

    Kind regards

    David L Wright 

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    David Lloyd Wright over 1 year ago

    Dear DEAL community,
    Here is an updated presentation that includes further development of the Beneficial Actualisation Theory. 

    As always any and all comments, feedback and contributions are warmly welcomed.

    Regards David 

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