Doughnut Cinema Guide

The guide helps you create your own Doughnut Cinema. Dive into doughnut economics through film, talks and action!

Do you want to make your own Doughnut Cinema?  
Yes? Fantastic! We are here to help you get started. So you can create your own Doughnut Cinema anywhere you please. In this guide we will walk you through what a Doughnut Cinema is and we’ll give you a couple of examples on how you can work with different subjects within the nine planetary boundaries.  
You can lean back with a soda and some popcorn in your own company or with friends, family, colleagues, good friends, or other communities and get a notion of how doughnut economy can be a roadmap to a healthier life for people, other species and the Planet on a local and global scale.  





    Moosa Yousuf

    Gosport, United Kingdom

    A concern for sustainability issues with regards to economic growth and development.


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