Embedded Economy SVG & customisation tool

An SVG version of the Embedded Economy model diagram and an interactive online tool to generate customised versions.


This tool consists of:

  1. a new version of the Embedded Economy model in SVG format. It was created based on the JPEG image of the model from this website, and
  2. an interactive tool to generate a customised version of the model - elements of the model can be coloured or have their transparencies changed.

Elements in the SVG have been marked up with CSS classes and SVG groups to make modifying the appearance of elements, or groups of elements, relatively easy when displayed on a web page.

The interactive utility provides an easy to use graphical user interface around the Embedded Economy SVG to generate customised Embedded Economy diagrams with user-specified colours and/or tranasparencies. You do not need any technical skills to use this tool. The resulting diagrams are downloadable in SVG or PNG format.

Why use it?

If you have CSS and/or Javascript skills and want to display the Embedded Economy model on a web page, you could use the SVG in preference to the JPEG image in odder to style or animate elements of the model.

If you want an easy way to generate a customised Embedded Economy model diagram for use in any situation (e.g. in a Word or PowerPoint document), you can use the interactive, online tool to generate and download a new customised image (PNG or SVG format). It can be useful for generating a series of images highlighting divverent features of the model.

For use on the web, the SVG format is preferable because it scales without pixellating, but in some circumstances the PNG format will be preferable. For example Microsoft Word cannot render the curved text (SVG textPath element), so to use your image in an MS Word document, you should download a PNG version.

Full instructions on how to use the interactive utility are included in the utility itself.

Who is it for?

The unmodified SVG is probably most useful for web developers. The interactive tool can be used by anyone that wants a customised version of the model diagram for any purpose.


Rich Burkmar.


The interactive tool

A blog with more background and illustrating some uses

Download the raw SVG image (it is also provided here as an attachment)

GitHub repository readme





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