Renegade Economists Miro World

An organic, playful home to an abundance of Doughnut resources, inspiration, and spaces for collaboration and reflection

A Renegade Economists Miro World is being designed and co-built by visual facilitator and host of the International Neighbourhoods Learning Journey Mona Ebdrup, and CIVIC SQUARE Dream Matter Designer Magda Petford. The Miro World is an organic, playful home to an abundance of resources, inspiration, and spaces for collaboration, reflection and cross-pollination between peer groups. Within it, hosting and facilitation support can be found; chapter resources for Doughnut Economics are currently loading, and it is a space to document processes, build collective intelligence over a longer period of time and open up for a space where asynchronous work and thinking can happen between meet-ups and showcases, but also across groups.

"The Miro World is a dreamscape - a space for imagination. It's a relief from the endless documents and linearity of online spaces, instead offering an interactive playground for collaborative working.

Miro also allows us for host resources in different mediums (video, images, articles, etc.) in a visual way that helps us navigate lots of information. In our learning journeys, we are working on complex matters, striving to find a balance between overwhelm and oversimplification, which we believe the Miro World can support to achieve.

It's an invitation to play; to dream, connect and reflect in a joyful setting."

—Mona Ebdrup

We can't wait to open up more and more of what is found to be useful or develops and gets better from here with the Renegade Economists Miro World into the commons, as the Miro World was shared with peers today for the first time, in follow up from the Kick Off. We've been so inspired by all of Mona and Suzy Glass' Miro magic, including the Civil Society Open Enquiries work, and are deeply grateful for Mona and Magda's design leadership in creating this multi-dimensional wonderland for us to exist within and tend to online, from which we are all excited to see what grows.

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    Charlotte Done

    Morecambe, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom

    Living within the donut gives me a warm glow & promoting this idea alongside other folk gives me hope for the future!

    Cindy Vergel

    Lima, Peru

    Understand better Doughnut Economics, learn all as I can, help my country and planet to thrive.

    Rosana Rezende

    São Paula, SP - Brazil

    Collaboration is essential for charting a sustainable path forward. DEAL grows our hope for a regenerative world.


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