Social-Ecological Impact Assesment Tool

A tool to generate a graphical assesment for social-ecological projects

Version 1.0 (April 2021)



A tool to develop graphical analyses for Social-Ecological Innovation projects linking Theory of Change and Stakeholder Analysis methodologies with the Doghnuts Economics and SDG approaches


Why use it?

This tool is designed to assess the socio-ecological impact of projects and initiatives in a way that is both graphic and friendly, yet profound and accurate, so that it can become a useful tool for a wide range of users. 

The tool can also be used to graphically represent the social-ecological impact of initiatives either before their implementation, during their design, during their development or after their completion.


Who is it for?

Because of its simplicity, the tool can be developed by a wide range of actors, e.g. facilitators, teachers, policymakers, entrepreneurs, consultants and others and does not require extensive knowledge or skills, although a minimum knowledge of the Doughnut Economics framework, Theory of Change and Stakeholder methodologies and the context of the SDGs is advisable. 


How long does it take?

The duration of use is quite flexible and will depend on whether it is to be used exclusively to show the impact of the initiatives ex-post or whether it is chosen as a tool to accompany the design processes of the initiatives....  


How many people is it for?

The tool can be developed exclusively by an individual person or by a larger group of people according to the needs of each process. 


What materials do you need?

For inclusion in DEAL, a format has been prepared that can be developed in digital and/or analogue form according to the needs of the people who will implement it. For the analogue version, a good assortment of coloured pens is required.


What does the facilitator need to know or be able to do?

Knowledge of Doughnuts Economics, knowledge of Theory of Change and Stakeholder methodologies and SDGs.



A tool generated by Adolfo Chautón Pérez and the ENSO team







    Guillaume Pérocheau


    We want to contribute and share our ongoing reserches around the Doughnut.

    Christophe Claude


    my hunger for action to fight climate change

    Paul Cross

    Carlisle, England, United Kingdom

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    Rebecca Thompson 6 months ago

    I love this but sadly I can't get through on the link. Is there anywhere I can get an editable version please?

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    Ana Arribas Sebastián 7 months ago

    Thanks for sharing, Adolfo! I found it very interesting!

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    Adolfo Chautón Pérez 6 months ago

    Thanks Ana... 

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    Amay V Iyer 11 months ago

    This is is a great tool! thank you for sharing

    1 1
    Adolfo Chautón Pérez 6 months ago

    Hi Amay, thanks a lot for the feedback... it's a pleasure to share.... 

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