Sustainability Educator Toolkit

Resources for university level educators in media, arts and humanities subjects

This toolkit is aimed at supporting educators to build sustainability themes into our teaching. It is focused on media, arts and humanities subjects, but we hope it will also be more widely applicable. It makes no attempt to be comprehensive or polished. Think of it as a grab-bag of inspirations, provocations, and helpful signposts.

We expect for it to continue to evolve throughout 2022 and into 2023. Find the most up-to-date version here:

It covers these topics:
* Planetary Boundaries & Doughnuts
* Sustainable Development Goals
* Climate Change and Climate Justice
* Ecocentrism
* Indigenous Knowledge
* Degrowth and Post-Growth




    Eva Willmann de Donlea

    SYDNEY, Australia

    Finally common sense. I am immensely grateful for the thought leadership.

    Jaqueline Vasconcellos


    Business regenerative design, connect and learn with other people about regenerative design.

    Dominic Dibble

    Bodegraven, the Netherlands

    The adaptability of the Doughnut to local contexts to inform bioregional and place-based living is exciting.


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