Since 2019, the EU-Funded UrbanA project has been connecting with hundreds of people to explore the topic of sustainable and just cities. Like Donut Economics, the central assumption of this project is that urban sustainability and justice must go hand in hand! 

Over the years, UrbanA has:
  • mapped different approaches that can combine urban sustainability and justice,
  • created a set of drivers of injustice in urban sustainability, 
  • developed principles for the governance of sustainable and just cities, and
  • synthesized much of this content in a collection of 'keys' (upcoming)

In March 2020, the Donut for Berlin team joined an UrbanA event on governance for sustainable and just cities. This appearance generated a lot of buzz and momentum (e.g. for a vibrant Portuguese Donut movement)!

Although the project is coming to a close, the DEAL community may be interested in the wealth of knowledge that has been gathered. In addition to the links above, there are a variety of podcasts, videos and publications on the topic. 
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