Bogotá-Building community-Schools and citizens

Last months in Bogotá we have been doing events with citizens and schools to put the doughnut teachings into practice.

Shambala is an organization which aims to contribute to the paradigm shift needed to go from an extractive economy which pursues the growth of capital as its main goal to a collaborative and distributive economy.

Over the past three months we have been in 5 different schools doing workshops, were we discuss various subjects around which are the main goals that society must have, being this an intense debate in Colombia. Specially, we have opened the debate around when should be the time for Colombia, a fossil dependent economy, to stop exploring for new fossil fuels, being this a specially contentious topic in Colombia where the clash between economic profit and societal wellbeing is very clear. Clearly delineating the tensions that current profit driven society has, we open a discussion about which should be the real goals of current society and how we need a paradigm shift. 

Also, we currently have a community of more than 600 people that are attending workshops around deep ecology, anthropocentrism, fast fashion and various subjects were we explain why a collaborative and distributive economy is needed, rooted in altruism and not that much in competition. Average attending of our workshops is more than 40 people and we are slowly creating a community in Colombia that we hope can be made an example of a space where different kinds of people and organizations can reflect and discuss about the paradigms we need to shift to face the enviornmental crisis.




    Allen Gunderson

    Victoria, BC Canada

    Transform high school & undergraduate education systems that support a doughnut economic model.


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