Cornwall responding to the Climate Emergency

How the Doughnut Economics model has been used in Cornwall to respond to the complexity of the climate emergency.

Understanding how to respond to the ongoing Climate Emergency is a challenge shared by businesses, charities and other organisations across Cornwall. It is important to demonstrate positive action, and to build our own resilience, but putting it into practice is difficult.

The presentation outlines how it works, the benefits and challenges it can bring and how to find support to develop the idea to suit your own organisation, as well as how Cornwall Council have adapted it to inform decision-making throughout the organisation.

Presented as part of Cornwall Chamber of Commerce’s Festival of Business on 5 November 2020 by Peter Lefort, Sector & Partnership Lead for Carbon Neutral Cornwall at Cornwall Council. For more information contact Peter via




    Nora Clinton

    Cowes, England, United Kingdom

    A real interest in making change in my immediate environment and locality.

    David Barns

    Leeds, England, United Kingdom

    I'd like to learn more about DEAL and how to apply to our work in Our Future Leeds

    Colin Murphy

    Bloomington, Indiana, United States of America

    I'm here to learn about practical applications of doughnut economics in public policymaking settings.

    Roxy Piper

    Teignmouth, Devon, England, United Kingdom

    Working with the Devon Doughnut Collective and looking for new members to join our emerging group!

    Jane Whild

    Milton Keynes, England, United Kingdom

    I would like to see the Doughnut applied to my Borough.


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