Donut for Cities Workshop: Brazil´s context

A Workshop to explore the 4 Lenses tools for Building Prosperous and Resilient Cities in Times of Climate Emergency

Our event “Donut for Cities Workshop: Tools for Building Prosperous and Resilient Cities in Times of Climate Emergency”, took place on May 21st, from 7pm to 9pm and joined more than 40 participants online, focused to analyze the present floods emergency of Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, and develop alternative plans for a new sustainable future. This was the first session of a total of 6 sessions planned. 

The event had the purpose of co-creating innovative approaches to address the urgent challenges of the 21st century in our cities in Brazil. Donut Economics offers several methodologies and tools, including one specific to cities. In this current context of climate tragedies, it is crucial that we rethink our cities and policies to guarantee a fair and safe environment for all inhabitants, without exceeding the limits of the planet.

Some questions that will guide us on this journey include: How do we rethink our cities to ensure that no one is forced to choose between staying and surviving? How can we create cities where everyone "lives in the Donut", promoting prosperity in a fair and sustainable way? What does prosperity really mean?

Here we share the presentation from the first meeting, the link to the recording, and the boards produced collectively on Miro during the session.

The upcoming meetings are scheduled for:

  • 06/04 - Common Vision for the City We Want
  • 06/18 - Applying Doughnut Dimensions to Indicators
  • 07/02 - Best Practices for Resilient Cities Inspired by Nature-Based Solutions
  • 07/16 - Analysis of Brazilian Climate Plans
  • 07/30 - Cities & Regions in 9 Steps

In all the meetings, we will use the city of Porto Alegre as an example to practice the tools.

The recording of the 1st meeting is available at:






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