Doughnut Design for Business - feedback

Questions raised from participants at an introductive webinar

Doughnut economics is starting to be well known in France, but not its application for businesses. I organised a webinar on April 6th to explore the Doughnut Design for Business tool. With just one post on Linkedin, 37 people registered, and 18 joined the call. 

There were a business school professor, consultants, business employees, members of an impact business network, and a civil servant from the French institution for the ecological transition.

Most of them were eager to experiment with the workshop. Meanwhile, interesting questions and comments arose:
- in-built obsolescence is forbidden in France, and psychological obsolescence is far more degenerative. How is it taken into account?
- can this tool be used to raise awareness on the un-sustainability of a business model?  
- where are biomimicry, symbiotic economy (author Isabelle Delannoy), and functionality economy in the process?
- how are non-humans and non-users' voices included in the process? 
- how can we ensure decisions are truly regenerative?
- how do we use the tool for businesses with only services?  
- how do we include the territory on which the business is located?

I addressed most questions through my understanding of the doughnut, but for sure, there are different ways to reply.

The webinar's conclusion was to experiment further by organising a workshop using the miro templates. 

To be continued!




    Jaqueline Vasconcellos


    Business regenerative design, connect and learn with other people about regenerative design.

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    thierry Souvay about 1 year ago

    Thank you for the session Marie-Anne, waiting for the workshop

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