Doughnut Dreams

Version 1.0 (September 2020)


In this creative activity participants are invited to express their vision of a future when we are all living in the Doughnut. This can be done visually by drawing on a blank Doughnut template and / or a written or spoken story of that vision. And it can be taken in many directions, such as turning the visuals into a gallery or a spiral, or turning the stories into a book or a play. If done as a collective, the activity can start with an optional visioning exercise to help participants access a more creative and imaginative space.

Why do it?

  • Visioning is an enormously powerful activity for opening people’s sense of possibility
  • The simplicity and flexibility of this activity means it’s suitable for everyone and can be adapted in many ways
  • It’s fun and can be enjoyed by everyone, including those who participate and those who get to see and hear the visions that have been created

Who is it for?

Educators | Communities

How long does it take?

60 minutes

How many people is it for?

Any number

What materials do I need?

Print-outs of the blank Doughnut template on white cardboard, drawing / colouring materials and if you’re making the spiral you’ll need scissors and glue


Original idea and lesson plan by Rob Shorter of DEAL. Time machine idea from Rob Hopkins of Transition Network. Doughnut Dream picture drawn by Siri Krznaric, age 11. Additional contributions from Kate Raworth, Carlota Sanz, Andrew Fanning of DEAL and Stephanie Leite.


The Doughnut Dream Spiral

Who's using this tool?

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