Doughnut by Country Level

Interactive doughnut chart that can be filtered by country

I first heard about the Doughnut Economy in April 2022, and have been inspired by it ever since. So I've developed this interactive chart that displays both the social foundation and ecological ceiling of each country.

<< Click here >> to view the visualization.

For the former boundary, the data is extracted from World Bank and Unicef API, and I did some transformation on some of their metrics. As for the latter, it is not easy to get them so I extracted it from the scientific journal article by Fanning and team.

Fanning, A.L., O’Neill, D.W., Hickel, J., and Roux, N. (2021). The social shortfall and ecological overshoot of nations. Nature Sustainability in press.

This tool is a meant to something and to influence others towards a thriving change, and I will continuously improve on it. Thus please do not hesitate to provide me with feedback, critiques or suggestions.





    Michael Adigam


    To connect with experienced professionals and learn more on the dynamics of Doughnut Economics

    Douglas Malm Rath

    Trollhättan, Sweden

    Find inspiration for future research, connect with those making changes and learn from the existing attempts of transformation.

    Luis Oliva


    I´m a Doctoral Student working on R&D models to improve human quality of life in balance with the enviroment.

    Zoe Emmett


    I very much believe that change comes through collaboration.

    Felix Surjadjaja 3 months ago

    Hi  @Zoe Emmett , one way to make a comparison of countries is to open two browser windows and place them side-by-side. I will see what I can do to make the comparison easier while maintaining the readability of the details.

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    Zoe Emmett 3 months ago

    This is a great tool - is there any way that you can have a side-by-side comparison of countries? 

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    Felix Surjadjaja 3 months ago

    Hey @Sam Miyamoto   glad that you found it useful. I used d3 and Typescript, and deployed it in Netlify.

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    Sam Miyamoto 2 months ago

    Thank you,  @Felix Surjadjaja !

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    Sam Miyamoto 4 months ago

    Felix, this visualization looks terrific and is very helpful. I appreciate you mentioning your API sources. If you don't mind me asking, what tech stack did you use?

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