Designed, Intentional, Sustainable, Community

D.I.S.C. is a tool to create Sustainable, Resilient community with using Permaculture concept and techniques.

D.I.S.C. is first of all a design; a Sustainable community design. This design is based on Permaculture concept and principles. It is a revolutionary and distruptive land design, management and community building tool. This design is against current land definitions and laws because these laws and legislations are based on Economical growth only.  With this design as a tool, I'm introducing 2 other elements which does NOT exist in our current system finctionality yet; Environmental and Social Sustainability. Only way to create a circular economy is accepting that Sustainability is NOT only Economic stability but also bringing Environmental and Social solutions to our current issues. D.I.S.C. is a design, which to create a new way of lifestyle, housing, landscaping, neighbourhoods, communities and their connections. It is a tool to create Doughnut Economics in real time and life. In a linear lifestyle and economy, it is unrealistic to expect creating a circular economy. Circular economy is only possible with a circular lifestyle. This design provides you the circular lifestyle.






    Peter Ellery

    Brownstown, Indiana, USA

    An interest in unrolling the doughnut and the creation of community portraits.

    Uri Kandel

    Zivon, Israel

    I am working on importing and adapting the regenerative world view of the Commons and Commoning to Israel.

    Jaime Short

    Rarotonga, Cook Islands

    I want to explore the ways people are implementing sustainability, specifically the doughnut economics approach.

    Barbra Plasom

    Thurgoona,N.S.W Australia

    i want everyone to put pressure on the government to put people and planet first.

    Shahtaj nazmeen

    Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

    I have the book donut economics and in favour of business models that are designed distribute

    N. Tayfun Yalcin

    Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Nederland

    My passion is Permaculture, I'm designing and creating Sustainability with Permaculture concept and techniques.


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