Doughnut Principles of Practice

A PDF of the Doughnut Principles of Practice ready to print

Version 1.0 (September 2020)


DEAL has developed a set of principles to guide our own evolution and our choice of collaborations. We ask that these principles are placed at the heart of any project and initiative that aims to put the ideas of Doughnut Economics into practice.

Doughnut Principles of Practice





    Bruce Hey

    Baardskeerdersbos, Western Cape, South Africa

    I learned about the Doughnut in researching for my book 'The Death of Business as Usual' and then got hooked.

    Kimberly Byrd

    Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States of America

    The Doughnut of Justice forms the foundation of my sustainability teaching. I'm excited about collaborating/co-creating!

    Carla Robb

    Utrecht, The Netherlands

    What really excites me about doughnut economics is the aim to tackle inequality while also dealing with climate change.

    Andy Gordon

    Bristol, England, United Kingdom

    I'm interested in collaborating with like-minded people & learning how I can contribute to Doughnut Economics Action Lab.


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