Making climate and environmental crisis tangible

A workshop concept to make climate and environmental crisis tangible

Based on emotion and body work, a workshop concept was developed in the context of the donut economy that focuses on the physical and emotional connections between climate change and sustainable communities. Integrating the body and its emotions into community sustainability processes is an important step in transforming our economy. For this transformation, not only a technical but also a cultural change is needed, because with a strong sustainability awareness in the population, measures for sustainable communities have more political scope and transformative processes can be initiated from civil society. Using a variety of methods, the participants will become aware of the physical and emotional impact of climate change on them and what individual responsibility they have for the climate crisis through their position on earth.

The workshop is divided into a lecture on the importance of a holistic experience of the climate and environmental crisis, an assessment of the participants on how to act in a donut-compliant way and various exercises on emotion and body work. For example, participants can use a collective writing exercise and a role play to develop an awareness of the communal problem areas in the field of sustainability, or they can feel the consequences of the climate and environmental crisis by visiting a specific place in the community, such as a drought-damaged forest or a busy intersection.





    Christina Lambert

    Arvada, Colorado

    I am embracing my values and searching for a different way of living on this earth. I am excited to learning more from Doughnut E

    Ken Novak

    St. Ambrose University, Davenport, Iowa USA

    I co-investigate life with philosophy students at a Catholic university. Donut Economics integrates with business ethics.

    Victoria Kruger


    Time to step up and be part of change. All hands on deck!

    Jonas Bothe

    Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Deutschland

    Within NELA.Next Economy Lab we develop tools for NGOs and stakeholders within civil society to apply the Doughnut to their needs

    Carolina Tomaz


    I would love to be connected with Brazilian people who are interested to apply the Doughnut economic. Moreover, with projects and


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