Global Donut Day

A day of local action and global connection on Monday 13 November 2023

Members of Amsterdam Donut Coalition at Amsterdam Donut Deal Day 2022

What is Global Donut Day?

Global Donut Day #GlobalDonutDay is a day of local, community-led festivals, connected throughout the world, centred around Doughnut Economics.

This is a moment for us all to come together, to learn, to share, to meet new people, to inspire and be inspired as we explore what it means for humanity to thrive in the 21st century.

There will be talks, workshops, panel discussions, art, games and celebration.

Making a Donut Deal as part of Amsterdam's Donut Day 2022

What can you expect?

Global Donut Day is an opportunity for you to:

  • Learn about the ideas of Doughnut Economics through an online programme of talks
  • Learn about the good things already happening in your place and the people, groups and organisations making them happen
  • Make new connections - as well as deepen existing relationships - and find allies in your work and areas of interest
  • Be inspired and identify the next steps you can take towards a thriving future for all

Logos of the groups and organisations hosting local Donut festivals

Local Donut Festivals

From Melbourne to Mumbai, Beijing to Vermont, over thirty places across the world are hosting local donut festivals, making new connections and championing pioneers of change.

LivMundi, part of Donut Brasil, hosting a workshop in Penha, Rio de Janerio

The Online Programme

In addition to the local Donut Festivals, there will be a global online programme, available to everyone, no matter where you.

There will be live talks from Kate Raworth (author of Doughnut Economics), members of the DEAL team, as well as sessions from practitioners of Doughnut Economics from around the world.

Once you have registered for Global Donut Day we will share more information about the different events and activities as well as how you can access them.

Members of Regen Melbourne forming a Doughnut on the beach

Local Organisers

Any group, network, community organisation or local 'organisation in action' can host a local Donut festival.


If you've not yet formed an organising group, that's fine - it is a simple process and we can guide you through it. As part of this, we will help you set up your group, network or organisation with profile page here on the DEAL platform, which makes it easy for others to find and connect with you and to follow your progress.

For this first year of Global Donut Day, local Donut festivals cannot be organised by a local government, or any company not listed as an organisation in action, or an individual person. However, a local Donut festival can be organised in collaboration with a local government and / or local businesses.

The Global Donut Day logo


Global Donut Day aspires to be as accessible as possible. DEAL is working with the Universal Recognition movement - a building community of Disabled accessibility consultants - to improve the accessibility of Global Donut Day. Global Donut Day recognises that as a network of many local organisers and global communities we are only at the beginning of this learning journey. We do not yet have all the access provisions in place that we would like to. Access is something that we are however continuing to invest in together and to authentically develop. Please check back here for updates on what access provisions are currently available for Global Donut Day 2023.

Current Access Provisions:

  • A global online programme
  • Recorded online sessions that will be available to watch at a later date
  • A co-created Accessibility Building Block kit for local organisers (due to be published in a couple of weeks time)
  • A Global Donut Day Branding guide for local organisers with in-built accessibility information (please refer to this for alt-text for frequently used logos)

We also acknowledge that accessibility is something that can always be improved upon. For our first Global Donut Day, we are learning as we go. On the registration form there is a section for you to let us know if you have any specific access needs for attending the online programme. DEAL is also currently working with our community of local organisers to provide translations for the global online programme.


If you have questions that aren't listed here, please contact

Following the Amsterdam Donut Deal Day on 18th October 2022, local organisers of Doughnut Economics groups and networks in London, Munich and Oxford connected with the organisers of Amsterdam Donut Coalition to explore what a collective Doughnut festival might look like, with local festivals in each of their places.

Between January and April, this group of local organisers worked with the DEAL team to find a date and create the initial invitation to all the existing local organisers of Doughnut Economics groups and networks around the world. And from this invitation, 27 local organisers signed up to collaborate on the co-design of the essential elements of Global Donut Day.

Between June and August, this group of local organisers have worked together on naming, branding, accessibility, governance and stewardship of the process of co-design, a process that has led to what you see now.

We settled on the word 'Global' as it relates to the global goal of the Doughnut, it translates well across languages, it is used in the Four Lenses (that brings together local and global perspectives), and it is inclusive of different scales of action from neighbourhood to nation (rather than 'International' evokes more of a national scale or organising).

And we used the spelling 'Donut' for three main reasons: 1) the idea stems from Amsterdam Donut Deal Day, so using the same spelling is to acknowledge that connection 2) DEAL uses the spelling 'Doughnut' but many places use 'Donut' in their local context, so by using 'Donut' for this day, it signals that all ways are welcome, and 3) Donut is shorter and easier to use in visual communications.

If you have any other questions, please free to contact us at

Global Donut Day aspires to be as accessible as possible, however, we recognise that it may not be possible to provide translations for all languages. We are currently working with our community of local organisers to organise and facilitate this. We will release a list of live translated events ahead of the festival, as well as a list of available translated captions.

Local Organisers will have access to easily downloadable assets that will help bring Global Donut Day to life in their community. These assets include: Global Donut Day logos, a brand guide that with guidance on colours, font, and design concepts, and customisable ready-made graphics for social media or print.

While logos, colours, and fonts are accessible now, we currently are developing the brand guide and ready-made graphics which will be made available soon.

See Donut Brazil and Amsterdam Donut Coalition launch posts for examples.

When you register as a Local Organiser you will receive further information about Global Donut Day, which at this stage, includes the local Donut festival guidelines, a benefits document that can be used to help gain buy-in of potential local partners, a building blocks document that can help you start assessing what elements of a local Donut festival you might want to build in our place, and the communications pack with brand guidelines.

We then ask that you join the one-hour bi-weekly Local Organiser calls (every other Monday at 5pm CEST and Tuesday at 10am CEST) and the Local Organisers Slack workspace so that you can connect with the other Local Organisers.

The key commitments you will have as a Local Organiser are to:

  • Follow the guidelines of Global Donut Day and retain coherence between your local Donut festival and Global Donut Day
  • Engage potential local people, groups and organisations who might want to be co-organisers, partners or contributors to the festival
  • Source funding, contributions and other resources (e.g. spaces, time) for the festival
  • Use the DEAL-provided accessibility guidance to make your local Donut festival as accessible as possible
  • Co-ordinate the programme of events and activities locally, weaving these together with the online programme provided by DEAL and other international events organised by other local Donut festivals

The elements of your day can be shaped however you like, according to your own capacity, aspirations, cultural context, local context of strengths, local challenges and where you are on your Doughnut Economics journey. Maybe you just want to tune into the online programme and hold dialogues locally? Or maybe you want to follow in Amsterdam's footsteps and hold a full day of events and workshops, led by partners from your place, from the community, to business, to education, to local government and more?

Global Donut Day

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