Viewing the Doughnut's Fruition Across Three Horizons!

Version 1.0 (June 2021)


The Doughnut's - Three Horizon Tool has been initiated as a means of helping small groups utilizing the Doughnut Economics model to easily find, and subsequently enlist, the resources needed to adopt The Three Horizons approach to their practice. Consequently, and to help 'get the ball rolling', we'd invite you to watch this "quick video introduction by Kate Raworth" to better understand how it works!:

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Why Use It?

Once customized to reflect and subsequently facilitate the Doughnut's impact on socioeconomic change, the Three Horizons tool will prove a fascinating way of 'lending Voice' to varying dimensions of a project's unfolding. Consequently, this expression of a particular horizon's vantage point or agenda, evidences a complex set of "values" affording a means of deeply informing a group's conscious trajectory over time.

Who Is It For?

The Doughnut's - Three Horizon tool can be envisioned as a fully interactive and participatory 'game', to be played among a relatively small (8 or less) group of practitioners, all--bearing the responsibility of participatory engagement enlisting the Doughnut Economics model for project design or operating systems development.

Who's using this tool?

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