"Building Better Futures" with Doughnut Economics!

Version 1.0 (January 2022)


Owing its inception to the Wales Council for Voluntary Action and enlisting an 'alternative whole-systems' (i.e. a "third sector" relating to the "three-sector model") approach to participatory design, the "Building Better Futures" Toolkit as detailed in the pdf document (download) below, entails five group activities (including Activity 4 - "Three Horizons") conducted across three modules (see "summary image" above).

Your Invitation to Participate in the Tool's Development!

Likewise, and to both 'invite' and better 'facilitate' participatory design and development of both the "Building Better Futures" and "Three Horizons" toolkit(s), two separate but interrelated 'boards' have been created at "A DEAL "Projects" Workspace on Trello" to accommodate your engagement as a task team member!

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