Doughnut Powerpoint Template

Fully editable Doughnut ppt template.


Powerpoint template of the Doughnut in portuguese and english.
Fully editable to any other language.

How to use it

The file contains two slides, in portuguese and the original english.
After downloading, hover the mouser cursor over the text, it should change (depending on the powerpoint version that you are using) to the text cursor ( looks like this ][ ).
You can then click on the text to open the text box ( as exemplified in the image below) and edit it as you please.





    Erica Hinckson

    New Zealand

    The Doughnut economics framework resonates with me and direction of my research. Interested to know more.

    Rob Ward


    The intention to practise Doughnut Economics

    Achim Arnold

    Frome, UK

    Highly problem aware, highly committed to contribute

    Joe Carroll

    Tampere, Finland

    I want to help solve the environmental multi-crisis we face, and I'm inspired by the Doughnut Economics framework.

    Katherine Cunningham

    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

    Worker coop start up with a DEAL toolbox feels amazing.

    Irfan Qalamkar almost 4 years ago


    0 0
    Nicole Hartmann almost 4 years ago

    thank you for sharing this!

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