Integrating Doughnut Econ into business education

This tool is a rough guide that includes ideas & materials for integrating Doughnut Economics into business education


This document guides people involved in business education to integrate the concepts and tools of Doughnut Economics into undergraduate or graduate business education. This tool covers the following:

  1. Possible educational objectives
  2. Available Materials
  3. Suggested module structure
  4. Possible assignment questions
  5. Physical Materials needed
  6. Engaging companies & entrepreneurs
  7. Sharing learnings 

Why use it?

You can use this tool to bring Doughnut Economics and distributive and regenerative enterprise design into education programmes by:

  • Delivering a lecture and/or seminar as part of a broader module.
  • Setting assignments.
  • Creating an entire module or programme.
  • Integrating it into campus incubators and pitching competitions.

Who is it for?

Lecturers, tutors, course coordinators, guest speakers, campus entrepreneurship programmes and anyone involved in shaping or delivering business education at an undergraduate or graduate level.



The tool was co-created with a number of educators from business schools around the world who are already integrating Doughnut Economics into business education, including Naomi Thellier de Poncheville from Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, Paroma Bhattacharya from London School of Economics and Floor Timmerman from Centre for Economic Transformation at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. It will be updated with further insights and sharing of learnings from those involved in business education.





    Rick Feldman

    Mount Holyoke College, 50 College St, Economics Depart...

    DOUGHNUT ECONOMICS is required in my courses to establish the context of my teaching. It perfectly captures my 35-year career.

    Lorna Westwood

    Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, Haute-Savoie, France

    I'm looking to connect and collaborate with fellow marketing minds to work together to transform marketing into a force for good.

    John Jarvis

    Cheltenham, UK

    New Green Party member, excited meet like-minded locals and do great things!


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