The Doughnut's - Three Horizon Tool!

This tool has been adopted, and specifically developed, to facilitate group work among 'Doughnut practitioners'.

Version 1.0 (June 2021)


Beyond merely finding, or otherwise developing, the resources (immediately) necessary to conduct a group exercise, the Doughnut's - Three Horizon Tool has been initiated specifically to help (relatively) small groups conceptually envision, discuss, and effectively strategize the organizational phasing of their overall project. Consequently, and to better assess the model's developmental capabilities to inform this process within the contextual framework of a circular economy however, we'd invite you to watch this "quick video introduction by Kate Raworth":

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Why Use It?

Once customized to reflect and subsequently facilitate the Doughnut's impact on innovative (socioeconomic) change, the Three Horizons tool will prove a fascinating way of 'lending voice' to varying dimensions of a project's unfolding. Consequently, this expression of a particular 'horizon's' vantage point or agenda, evidences a complex set of "values" affording a means of deeply informing a project team's conscious trajectory over time.

Who Is It For?

Similarly then, the Doughnut's - Three Horizon tool can be envisioned as a fully interactive and participatory 'game'  played among a relatively small (8 or less) group of practitioners, all--bearing the responsibility of participatory engagement enlisting the Doughnut Economics model for project design and/or operating systems development.

Your Invitation to Participate in the Tool's Development!

Likewise, and to both 'invite' and better 'facilitate' participatory design and development of both the "Building Better Futures" and "Three Horizons" toolkit(s), two separate but interrelated 'boards' have been created at "A DEAL "Projects" Workspace on Trello" to accommodate your engagement as a task team member!






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