Doughnut Design for Business Training #1 (6 July PM) (Past)

Part 1 of this 2-part training will focus on generating regenerative & distributive ideas with businesses

DEAL's Doughnut Design for Business tools are available for those hoping to engage businesses on Doughnut Economics. They are available for value-aligned change-makers who work with and within businesses.

This webinar is part 1 of a 2-part training from DEAL on the basics of the tools, This first session will cover the first half of the Doughnut Design for Business tools, focused on generating regenerative and distributive ideas. Part 2 will be delivered on 26 July and will focus on exploring enterprise redesign.

The webinar will be hosted by DEAL's Business & Enterprise lead Erinch Sahan, who has lead on creating DEAL's business tools and has run over 40 workshops with over 400 businesses to develop and refine these tools.

Note: This training session #1 is repeated on 6 July as an early and later session to allow participation from different time zones. The two sessions are held at:
EARLY SESSION (link here): 10am UK / 11am CEST /  5am US EST / 2:30pm India
LATER SESSION (this event): 4pm UK / 5pm CEST / 11am US EST / 8:30pm India

Register here for the later session (you will receive zoom details after registration):

Training session #2 will be on 26 July at the same times (11am CEST and 5pm CEST).


The Doughnut Design for Business taster tool (2 hour workshop) and core tool (5 hour workshop) are focused on applying the concepts of Doughnut Economics to businesses. Both tools focus on transforming the deep design of businesses - Purpose, Networks, Governance, Ownership, Finance (see this recent video introducing this concept) - to unlock the ideas that will help humanity into the Doughnut. For background, you can also look at:

Any business can use DEAL’s business tools for internal reflection (noting our policy for making public facing claims about the Doughnut). If you want to use DEAL’s business tools with other businesses (e.g. if you’re a consultant, business network, start-up incubator), we ask that you register on DEAL’s platform. Here's the public declaration form you'll need to send us so we can ensure that only values-aligned organisations are using these tools with their clients. If you're an organisation, you'll then be listed among the Organisations in Action on DEAL's webpage. We ask independent consultants to also complete the public declaration form (we're also working to make individual consultants visible on the platform).

How to attend

Please register for the webinar via zoom here to receive the zoom details.




    Erinch Sahan

    Oxford, England, United Kingdom

    To build the new economy and business models together with others - with ambition and intellectual honesty.

    Jayesh Pajwani


    Leverage DEAL for Business in my consulting work

    Michael Boyle

    Vienna, Wien, Austria

    Understanding a change in the economics is the primary way to establish a meaningful change.


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