Webinar: Introducing DEAL's Doughnut Design for Business tool (AM version) (Past)

Get an overview of the Doughnut Design for Business tool, ask questions, and join the discussion.

DEAL's tool for business is launched! We are holding new webinars on 25 January to introduce the tool. Register to join either the morning or afternoon version of the webinar where you can learn more and join the discussion.

You can read a summary of the tool, report and updated policy here.

The Doughnut Design for Business tool sets out how businesses can engage with Doughnut Economics. Built for use by workshop facilitators, it guides businesses through an action-oriented workshop that is practical but ambitious, and aimed at catalysing innovations in their deep design.

By focusing on the deep design of business, the workshop invites companies to engage in a transformative agenda of becoming regenerative and distributive in their strategies, operations, and impacts, so that they help to bring humanity into the Doughnut. You can view the new business tool here.

In the webinar, DEAL's Business & Enterprise lead Erinch Sahan will provide an overview of the tool and answer questions about the concepts and activities as well as policies around its use.

This webinar is for anyone wishing to use this tool with businesses. This could be: business networks, start-up incubators, founders, intrapreneurs, trade unions, consultants, think-tanks, business schools, accelerator programmes, impact investors, community groups, NGOs... and anyone able to engage businesses in their deep design.

For background, you can also look at:

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How to attend

Please register for the webinar here to receive zoom details (select either AM or PM version).

Note that this event is repeated for both Asia and Americas time zones to enable people from across the world to participate. The sessions will be identical, so you only need to attend one.




    Erinch Sahan

    Oxford, England, United Kingdom

    To build the new economy and business models together with others - with ambition and intellectual honesty.

    yvonne fuchs

    London & Whitstable, England, United Kingdom

    To learn more , share and support this paradigm shift , that i've been part of in a small way . I am so inspired by the doughnut !

    Peter Wuethrich

    Zürich, Schweiz

    Eager to drive the wealth management industry towards more forward-looking long-term perspectives.

    Nathalie ROY

    Barcelona, Spain

    I believe in the values and principles of the Doughnut Economics. I want to connect with others and bring the Doughnut forward!

    Cristina Labianca

    Terni, Italy

    Integrating ecology, sustainable technologies, social creativity I'm here to promote ecosystemic urban sustainable regeneration.

    Marek Mencl

    Czech Republic

    Finding the way how to bring Doughnut into Czech Republic.


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