Doughnut Economics Education: A Teacher's Guide

Version 1.0 (Last updated: 02 October 2020)


What you'll find here is an evolving overview of the lesson plans, activities and other teaching tools available relating to the concept of the Doughnut, the Seven Ways to Think Like a 21st-Century Economist and Doughnut Economics in practice.

It contains both tools that are available now and some tools that are in development that will be shared on the platform soon.

Teaching tools relating to the Doughnut

What is the Doughnut?
A introduction to the concept at the heart of Doughnut Economics

Joining the Doughnut Dots
An activity for getting to know the dimensions of the Doughnut and their interconnections

Donut Days
A 7-step guide to introducing a 'Donut Day' in your school

Doughnut Dreams
An activity to imagine your vision of a future when we are all living in the Doughnut

Teaching tools relating to the Seven Ways to Think Like a 21st-Century Economist

Take a Stand
An activity to explore the diversity of views about whether humanity can get into the Doughnut by 2050

Meet the Economy
Exploring the four core spheres of activity at the heart of the economy: the market, state, household and commons

Economic Man vs Humanity: A Puppet Rap Battle
A playful introduction to the limitations of the model of humanity at the heart of mainstream economics

Introduction to Systems Thinking (In development)

Youth Mayors Field Guide
Free, online curriculum / tools for teenagers to learn systems thinking, design thinking and the Doughnut to make change

How are we hooked into growth? (In development)
A lesson that introduces the growth paradigm and explores 8 reasons why mainstream economies are hooked into this goal

Teaching tools relating to Doughnut Economics in practice

Introducing Downscaling the Doughnut (In development)

Exploring National Doughnuts
An interactive website hosted by the University of Leeds to visualise and explore Doughnuts for more than 150 countries

Innovations in the Doughnut (In development)

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