Cornwall Doughnut Playbook

Version 1.0 ([September 2020])


Simple explanatory tool to explain key concepts within a community/local workshop/lesson

Why use it?

help get a grip on what the doughnut is
use to assess existing projects and ideas
use to assess a collection of projects and ideas

Who is it for?

Community facilitators, business owners, teachers, local councillors, council officers

How long does it take?

You can read it in 10 mins, or use it for a day long workshop

How many people is it for?

 Can be used by two or as many as you want

What materials do you need?

Paper, pens, people and imagination - and you can do this online in an interactive platform, like zoom

What does the facilitator need to know or be able to do?

How to work with people to break a project into component interconnected parts


Thanks to Cornwall Council who helped funded the design, and Leap Design Studio for their design fabulousness


Who's using this tool?

    Rieta Aliredjo

    Thanks for sharing this! Looks really good, will have a better look at it.

    27 days ago
    Joey Blindt

    This is brilliant, I'm about to head of round my village to organise a workshop! Thank you

    26 days ago
    Mel Bradley

    So useful Manda - as always ahead of the game, thank you.

    22 days ago
    Miguel Fernandez

    Wonderful Manda, I'm surprised we haven't met before as a fellow citizen of Cornwall? (this is well you tell me we have, and I get all embarrassed!).

    12 days ago

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